The brand is designed entirely around building up "hype" around this new festival, utilizing peoples natural sense of curiosity to gather interest.  Mysterious symbols combined with hidden & exclusive online content generate excitement around the event.

This is a short teaser video that would be released prior to the headliners being announced and the main trailer being viewed.

The website is passworded and can only be unlocked by entering in the same code of symbols seen in the teaser. Giving them exclusive access to the full trailer and website containing further information on Unknown.

Wristbands, Leaflet & Poster


The Brief

2 Week brief to choose a festival of your choice and re-brand it.

I chose a new festival called Unknown Croatia. I wrote my own brief based on research to help me get a better idea of the festival's target audience in order to appeal directly to them.

'Unknown' needed a strong visual identity and selling point to persuade existing festival goers to try something new.


The Creative approaches:

Playing on the name of ‘Unknown’ using secrecy and exclusivity to build up hype around this new festival. Appealing to the curiosity of the target market and creating an entirely immersive and surreal experience, matched by its location.

Unknown is a multi-sensory experience in a stunning location, hidden away paradise.

Unknown promises to be an eclectic mix of bespoke design projects, innovative music, live acts, band performances and DJ sets. The future of music and design encapsulated into a 3-day festival on a beach in Croatia.

The wild contrast between hectic midnight raves and chilled-out pool parties

The license for this content.